Add variety in your rock playing with Augmented power chords

06 Jan

Hi there,

Thanks again for reading my blogs, feel free to spread these around if you know other guitarists that will benefit from these posts.

So this blog will focus on Augmented power chords and how they can really add some nice variety to your playing.

An augmented power chord is essentially an augmented 5th interval which is 4 tones in size. A standard power chord is 3 1/2 tones in size so you are stretching or ‘augmenting’ the power chord to give yourself a different sound.

Here are the 2 most common examples of an augmented power chord (on notation these would read F5(#5) )













There are many examples of when you can use these but for me the simplest way to start integrating them into your playing is by replacing the 3RD and 7th chords of any major scale e.g.


C5, D5, E5, F5, G5, A5, B5

so you can also use E5 (#5) and B5 (#5)

They often work best in conjunction with with the next chord in the scale for example:

B5 (#5) to C5, E5 (#5) to F5 would sound great

Have a play around with these to see how great they are!

You can find other great free info via the JsMusicSchool twitter feed @jsmusicschool @harvey_jsmusic

Many thanks






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