Major 9 and Minor 9 chord voicings

18 Jun

Hi There,

In previous blogs on chords, sus4 and sus2, dominant 9 + 13 and most of your key 7th chords have been discussed.

Now we’ll look at some major 9 and minor 9 chords that you can use to add some more variety to your songs in place of major, major7, minor or minor 7 chords

Now the harmonized major scale in 9th chords works as follows:

Maj9, Min9, Min7b9, Maj9, Dominant 9, Min9, Min7b5b9

So your 9th chords from the key of C major would be:

Cmaj9, Dmin9, Emin7b9, Fmaj9, G9, Amin9, Bmin7b5b9

Here are some voicings for major 9’s that you can use:

This chord sounds great – it’s a Cmajor9 – it’s actually got no 5th but still considered a major 9

















Cminor 9:









and D minor 9









Have a go with these chord voicings in different keys and see if you can start integrating them into your songs. Also if you see Major9, Minor 9 voicings in tabs and sheet music you can use these voicings

Hope you’ve found this blog useful

Many thanks for reading

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James Schofield

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