Noel Gallagher strumming – AKA Broken arrow

01 Jun

Hi There,

In this blog we’ll look at how to imitate the sort of strumming that can be found in many of Noel Gallagher’s songs for Oasis.

There is a myth that a lot of Oasis songs like ‘Wonderwall’ should be one of the first songs you learn on the guitar but many people play it wrong as you need to develop your sixteenth note strumming to play it well.

AKA.. Broken arrow is a song of Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds album and uses 3 slightly different strumming patterns that will be great to practice (and you’ll be able to apply to lots of other songs as well)

The song uses a Capo on the 2nd fret so your Em7 will actually be a F#m7 and so on

Now the thing to remember with sightreading quavers is that generally you play downstrokes on the beat and uptrokes off the beat. (occasionally though for more pumping bass like rhythms we may do more downstrokes)

When sightreading semi-quavers you want to play downstrokes on the 1 and + and upstrokes on e and a

The first part of the verse goes like this:

the strumming will be:

1   +  a      2  e  +  a       3 e +         4   + a

D   DU      D H  D U          U D        D   DU

The ‘H’ signifies the hammer on where he takes his 1st and 2nd fingers off for the 4th chord and then hammers them on

Here’s an audio clip of me playing it:


2nd part of the verse goes like this:

the strumming will be:

1  + a     2  e  +  a       3  e +         4  e  + a

D  DU    D U D  U           U D         D H D U

Here’s an audio clip of me playing it:


Here’s a clip of me playing both parts together:


The chorus goes like this:

The strumming for both lines goes like this:

1   +     2   +   a      3  e  +  a    4  e + a

D  D     D   D U          U D        D U D U

Here’s an audio clip of me playing it:


There’s a few little other parts to the song but these 2 parts cover the basis for the majority of the song.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and listening to the blog

Again regardless of whether you like the song or not, for developing your strumming, these patterns will be very useful for loads of other songs

You can find regular free guitar tips on twitter @jsmusicschool

Many thanks




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2 responses to “Noel Gallagher strumming – AKA Broken arrow

  1. Jonathan Tait

    June 1, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Considering you only looked at that last night for the first time, that’s stunning. Thanks for going through this – really appreciate it.

    • jsmusicschool

      June 1, 2012 at 2:11 pm

      No probs – all part of the service haha


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