Sus4 chords in songs – Tom Petty – Free Fallin’

30 Mar

Hi There,

In the last blog we looked how suspended chords work and how you can spice up your chord progressions by using them.

Now we can start using them to play a well known song – Free Fallin’, by Tom Petty.

The great thing about this song like Bob Dylan is it only uses a few chords the whole way through.

The 3 chords that are used are Fmaj, Fsus4 and Cadd11

(don’t think about the add11 and why it’s called that at the moment – we’ll come onto compound intervals at a later date)

So using the previous blog on suspended chords you can work out the notes of F major and Fsus4 and understand how they work:

F contains F, A and C

Fsus4 contains F, Bb and C (the Bb causing the suspended sound)

Here are the 3 chords below:

In terms of your right hand and the timing here is the verse timing:

Here’s an audio clip of me playing it below and explaining the timing:


Now in the chorus’s they play something like this – this is a great strumming pattern as it uses a mixture of quavers, crotchets and semi-quavers:

Here’s an audio clip of me explaining how to play it for those not too comfortable with sight reading!


Have fun and thanks for reading and listening.


You can find regular guitar tips on twitter @jsmusicschool

Many thanks


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